The erstwhile Directorate named “Directorate for Welfare of Sch.Castes and Sch.Tribes” was bifurcated in the year 1982 and formed a new Directorate as “Directorate forWelfare of Sch. Castes”. The staff of that erstwhile Directorate were distributed at the ration 3:1 between the two Directorates. In the year 1984, a separate Department was constituted, called, “Department for Welfare of Sch.Castes.
In the year 1993, the Directorate was re-named as the rectorate for Welfare of Sch.Castes & OBCs. Besides that in the year 1999 “ the Directorate of Welfare for Religious Minorities” was established under the Department .Accordingly, the Department has been known as the “Department for Welfare of Sch.Castes, OBCs and Minorities.
The year 1993 the Directorate for Welfare of Sch Castes has been re-named as the Directorate for welfare of Sch.Castes and OBCs. In the year 1999 “ Directorate for Welfare of Religious Minorities was established under the Department and the epartment was re-named as the Department for Welfare of SCs, OBCs and Minorities.”


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