Group-A          Group-B          Group-C          Group-D         Contingent/DRW       Total


IAS-1              Gazetted-1           81               48                           22                         156

TCS-2             Non-Gazetted-1


2.Organizational set up: Department has  three Ministers

(A) Departmental Level Set up.

1) Sri Anil Sarkar, Minister-in-charge for  Welfare of  SCs.

2)Smti. Bijoy Laxmi Sinha,  Minister –in- charge for Welfare of OBCs.

3) Md.Faizur Rahaman, Minister-in-charge for Welfare of Religious Minorities.

4)Commissioner-cum-Secretary to the Govt.of Tripura.

5) Addl. Secretary/ Joint Secretary/ Under Secretary as the case may be to assist the Commissioner and Secretary of the Department.


(B) Directorate Level Set Up
1.Director (IAS) -1
(a) Directorate for Welfare of SC & OBC

2.Jt.Director(TCS,.Gr.I)              -1

3.Dy.Director,(TCS Gr.II)           -1

4.Special Officer              -1

5.Office Supdt. & Other Ministerial staff /Field Staff/ Steno/ Drivers & Group-D etc.156

(b)Directorate for Welfare No officers & staff except the following have been                     Minorities.posted in the Directorate. The SC & OBC Welfare manage the affairs of officers & staff of the Directorate for Welfare of Minorities.

1)         Director            ( Ex- Officio)- 1

2)         Head Clerk

3)         Accountant.

(C) District Level Set Up. The D.M. & collector of each District is the Coordinating authority in implementation of SC,OBC & Minority Welfare Schemes having  assistance from District Welfare Officer for ST, SC OBC & Minorities posted in each  District and staff attached in each office.

(D)Sub-Divisional Level Set Up.

In each Sub-Division, the S.D.M. is the  implementing Officer assisted by the Sub- Divisional Welfare Officer for ST,SC,OBC and Minorities and his staff for implementation of all Departmental schemes and projects.


(E) Block Level Set UpB.D.Os of each Block is also  functioning as Implementing Officer with the assistance formSpecial Officer, Extension Officer and other staff under the SC,OBC and Minority Welfare for implementation of allDepartmental projects and  schemes including three Corporations programmes.


3. Corporations : There are 3(three) Corporations namely:-

1.The Tripura Sch.Castes Co-operative Development Corporation Ltd.

2.The Tripura O.B.C. Coop. Development Corporation. Ltd.

3.The Tripura Minorities Coop Development Corpn. Ltd.

4.Officers and staff of Corporation.

i) Managing Director- for all the 3 (three) Corpns.

ii) Dy.G.M. -1  (Deputed from Tripura Gramin Bank)

iii) General Manager 1 for S.C., O.B.C. & Minority Corpn. (TCS Gr.II)

iv) ST/SC/OBC Minority Corporations have common staff.

v) Field Supervisor are posted in Blocks  (Common Supervisor)


4.Corporate Objectives:Corporate objective of the Department is to Welfare of Sch.Castes,      uplift the down trodden SC,OBC & Minority OBCs & Minorities. people through different Welfare Schemes:-

i)  Socio- Economic Development of Sch.Castes,  OBC and Minorities.

ii)Educational & Cultural Development.

iii) Protecting the Sch, Castes, OBC and Minorities from various social exploitations.

iv)  Providing constitutional and legal rights of SC, OBC and Minorities.

5.Main Activities: 

i) To monitor , review and Coordinate thefor Welfare of Sch.Castes, implementation of the Special Component OBCs & Minorities Plan Schemes (SCP) for Welfare of SCs implemented by various Deptts. of the State Government.

ii) Implementation of different socio-conomic development schemes/ projects for SC, OBC and Minorities of this Department.

iii) Implementation of Educational and Cultural development schemes for SC, OBC and Minorities.

iv) Provision of low cost housing schemes for down trodden SC families.

v) Establishment of residential school for SC OBC & Minorities.

vi) Providing of Boarding House and stipend to all SC, OBC and Minority students attached to the different schools through out the State under the control of School Education Department. Pre-metric and post–metric stipend / scholarship are also provided by this Department.Besides, two Hostels, one at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Memorial Chhatrinivas,  Jagannatghbari Road and another Dr.B..R.Ambedkar Memorial Chatrabas  opposite of I.G.M Hospital directly look after by this Department and as well as control.Further this Department has also taken the following steps towards safe-guarding of various constitutional rights of SC in the states as well as OBC and Minorities.Protection of SC, OBC and Minorities from various social exploitation by providing credit facilities through 3 different Co-operative Development Corporations (shown para-3)

a) Enforcement and regularization of reservation of SC in services and posts including Educational / professional courses of higher students.

b) Special Act namely protection of Civil Rights Act- 1995 in forced in Tripura Special courts are functioning in  each District for trial of offences under the said Act.

c) The Sch.Castes and Sch.Tribes “Prevention and atrocities Act. 1989” also in forced in the State . Similarly, three Special Courts are functioning in each District for trial offences in the said Act.

d) Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Memorial Award / Moulana Abul Kalam Azad award both have also been distributed in every year by this Department.

e) During this year under report 1930 SC students and 437 OBC students were conferred Ambedkar award and 39 Minorities students was also conferred Moulana Abul Kalam Azad award.



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